Dockers® + Waves For Water

Water is essential to every living being, and also an essential part of making clothes. We can’t stop using water, but we can use less of it — and reduce our impact along the way. That’s why we partnered with Waves For Water, a non-profit dedicated to ending the global water crisis. Together, we’re addressing water scarcity holistically. And, for every life-changing water filter you give, we’ll match it up to $50,000.

Do What You Love & Help Along The Way

“I look at being a humanitarian as a way of life, rather than just a way to give back.”

Jon Rose was a gifted surfer from the get-go. He spent his early years competing around the globe and searching for waves in faraway places. As his pro-surfing career came to a close, his trips became focused on doing good work within local communities. It was on one of those trips that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the city he was visiting. Rose stepped into the aftermath to help his local Red Cross chapter at ground zero. It was in this defining moment that he decided to found Waves For Water — and to show people how awesome humanitarianism can be.

About Waves For Water
Clean Water, Where It’s Needed

Waves For Water is a humanitarian aid organization that provides access to clean water for developing communities around the world. Working hand-in-hand with local networks, they implement long-term sustainable water programs with solutions like portable filtration systems and rainwater harvesting systems. Their streamlined approach creates maximum impact with minimal red tape. And since their founding, they’ve improved the lives of over 3.75 million people.

How We’re Coming Together With Waves For Water

The global water crisis is complex, but together we can tackle it on two major fronts: through how much water we can save, and through how we can help communities impacted by water scarcity. For the last ten years, Dockers® and Waves For Water have been addressing the crisis in their own ways. We’ve been developing new practices to reduce our water use. Waves For Water has been working on the ground to get people access to clean water by implementing the systems they need. Now we’re coming together to fight water scarcity from both sides of the equation. We’re ready to do the hard work of minimizing our impact while Waves Water maximizes theirs.

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Waves For Water’s MVP filter, the Sawyer Point ONE Filtration system, is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to get clean water to communities in need. Not only do these filters take mere minutes to set up — each system can take water from a variety of sources and produces enough clean, safe water for a family’s drinking, cooking and cleaning needs. And we’re not just encouraging you to give a water filter — we’re joining in. For every filter you donate, Dockers® will match it up to $50,000. And, starting in October, you can round up a portion of your purchases to benefit Waves For Water.

We can’t totally mitigate our impact. But we’re ready to dig in and do the hard work to offset it by building a more sustainable future.

The Facts

Waves For Water Fights Water Scarcity in Over 45 Countries

They’ve Improved the Quality of Life for 3.75 Million People & Counting

Their MVP Point ONE Filtration Systems are the Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Potable Water to Communities in Need

Each Provides Clean Water for a Small Village for Pennies a Day

How to Donate a Filter

Donate an MVP Point ONE Filter

We’ll Match It and Give One Too — Up to $50,000